The Virtual FlyBox®­­ is like having an affordable Colorado fly fishing guide in your back pocket ... but you have to tie the knots.


The "Virtual FlyBox"® application will help you select the correct Colorado fly fishing flies based on the river, season and time of day and is specifically designed to help you to be a more successful fly fisherman.

The Virtual FlyBox website is a resource to fly fishing the:

- South Platte River

- Blue River

- Ten Mile Creek

- Eagle River

- Arkansas River

- Colorado River

and soon will include additional rivers.


The Virtual FlyBox® website provides the Colorado angler with important fly fishing information such as:

- Colorado fishing regulations­

- The best rivers for Colorado fly fishing

- Nearby towns

- Local resources where you can get advice

- Local weather

- Stream flows

  and most importantly ...

- Colorado fly fishing reports

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